Conference 2022 Screenwriting Research Network

27.09.2022 Thank you, statistics and mailing list

Dear All,

after we had a few days to let the impressions of the conference sink in, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to the success of the 14th SRN Conference.

There were many exciting lectures and lively discussions and, last but not least, lots of fun.

Here are a few more statistics:
we were a total of 115 participants from 24 countries, 85 of whom were speakers with 74 presentations in 23 panels.

Because there have already been a few inquiries: in order to network we would send out the list with the email addresses of the participants, if you do not want to be on this list, please let us know ( by Friday, September 30th.

In the meantime you can follow us on our Instagram and facebook channel to get some impressions from the conference

Thanks again to all of you for making the Vienna Conference so special!

See you next year in Columbia, Missouri!

All the best,

Claus & Stephanie

19.09.2022 last Minute Infos Conference Dinner and Beamer

Dear All,
Here is some last minute useful information about the conference:
We have been able to negotiate a flat rate for drinks at the Heuriger Conference Dinner at the last minute, it will be €12 and will include water, wine, juice, coffee and any other drinks the Heuriger offers.
We ask you to bring the exact amount in cash with you to dinner, Stephanie will collect the amount from everyone on site.
Sorry for the inconvenience but we didn't want to miss out on such a great deal.

Also be aware, If you want to show film excerpts via a streaming service, there are always difficulties because the provider blocks the beamer, so better bring the material with you on a USB stick.

And finally, we uploaded one last bad quality video to show you, how to reach HS 3 in the conference venue, as it is a bit apart from the other lecture rooms.
You can find the cinematic masterpiece here:

09.09.2022 AV Equipment

Dear All,
first of all, the final program for the conference is online, you find it here:
Today we share some info about the AV Equipment that is available during the conference.
The equipment should be operational when you arrive, please be in "your" room 5 minutes before the panel starts.
Tech support is assigned to each meeting room if there are any problems with the presentation equipment.
We ask you to either have your presentation on a USB flash drive, external drive, laptop, or saved in a cloud.
We suggest to copy your presentation (PowerPoint only) to the computer on site and run it from there.

Those with Mac-based presentations use their own Mac and plug it into the rostrum with their own adapter.
Please note we are not able to print on site so we suggest you have your papers already with you.

02.09.2022 Covid Rules

Dear All,

as promised this mailing deals with the current corona rules at the university and in Vienna.

We all want a save conference so please, be aware that the pandemic is not over and stay safe by following the rules.
In addition, we make sure that the rooms are always well ventilated and there is also a terrace where you can talk to each other outdoors.
Please be considerate of the needs of other participants regardless of the legal regulations, so that we can all feel safe!

The university strongly recommends wearing a mask.
More info here:

Please note, wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in public transport, in pharmacies and in the health sector (hospitals, retirement homes etc.), everywhere else, you don't have to wear a mask or show a negative test (eg. bars, restaurants, cinemas etc.).
More info here:

Entry into Austria:
There are no restrictions on entry from other states and territories.

More Info here:

Please help us having a safe conference!

26.08.2022 last chance to register

Dear All,

we are really looking forward to meet you all in person!
Please note, this is your last chance to register, the deadline is 1st september.

Registration is prerequisite for participation in the conference and can't be done on site in Vienna.

Take the opportunity to join us at Vienna Town Hall for a free conference Kick off on 21st September in the Evening (drinks will be provided, food won't be offered but there are a few traditional Viennese Cafes near by).

All Info and registration, here

Let us know, if you have food preferences and/ or allergies with the anonymous form here:

Also, last chance to grab a spot for the Spielmann lecture at the Fimakademie on Thursday 22nd after the Panels, if you are interested, please write to

In the following weeks we will provide you with detailed info about current covid rules, technical equipment as well as some orientation at the conference venue, so stay tuned !

12.08.2022 Program update and Covid rules

Dear All,

as the conference is getting closer and closer, we are happy to announce that the program is now almost complete, thanks for your input we hope that we were able to respond to all requests!

If you discover an error of any kind, please let us know by August 19th. so we can go to print on time.

For the same reason we kindly ask you to register (deadline is September 1st) as there will be no opportunity to pay your fees at the conference.

As far as the current Covid rules are concerned, we have to point out that masks are compulsory both in the university (exception: giving a lecture, request to speak during lecture) and on public transport, if anything changes by September, we will let you know.

Enjoy the weekend and see you soon in Vienna,

05.08.2022 Program Info, Registration Deadline and Spielmann Lecture

Dear all,

after a short break we are back and fully motivated to make preparations, as we enter the finale phase before the conference.

Please note we made some adjustments to the preliminary program and hope to present you the final version soon,  we ask you to take a look at it via

We try to respond to requests and inquiries regarding the time/date of your presentation, but we ask for your understanding that the closer the symposium gets, we need planning security.

For this reason we kindly ask you to pay your fee, the deadline is 1st september and let us know, if you are unable to attend, thank you!

We were able to secure some more seats for the special Götz Spielmann lecture on Thursday, September 22nd at the Filmakademie, after the panels, so if you want to attend please write a mail to if you don't get any feedback you are automatically registered.

The temperatures in Vienna are currently rising high, just like our anticipation of being able to welcome you personally in Vienna soon!

08.07.2022 Poster Presentation

Dear All,

today we are super exited to present you the poster for this years Conference.
You can take a look in the attachment or on the website (and scroll down).

It features several elements associated with screenwriting as well as our wonderful Keynotes Professor Dina Iordanova and Professor Eleftheria Thanouli.

As you can see in the second picture, we really enjoy hanging out in front of our poster :)
We hope this work of art increases your anticipation for September!

Please remember to register for the Conference on time (deadline is 1st September)

and also for the free town hall reception on 21st September in the evening

01.07.2022 reminder Spielmann lecture

Dear all,

today we'd like to thank you for your interest in the special lecture with Götz Spielmann, those who have already registered in the course of last week all have a seat at the Filmacademy.

There are still a few seats left, if you want to join, please write a mail to

Also a big thanks to all of you who have already registered for the Conference, we can't wait to meet you in Vienna!
Those of you who haven't, please keep in mind, the registration deadline is 1st september.

To make the Conference as comfortable as possible, we'd appreciate it, if you'd let us know your food preferences, anonymously via

24.06.2022 special lecture announcement

Dear all,
today we are very exited to inform you about a special lecture during the Conference, on September 22nd 5:15pm, writer-director Götz Spielmann will talk about "The Structure of Narratives - Theory and Practice" in the Vienna Filmacademy.

Götz Spielmann is one of the most important contemporary Austrian film directors who writes his own screenplays, in 2009 Spielmann's Revanche was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Since 2011 he is the head of the screenplay class at the Vienna Filmacademy.

Since there is only a limited number of seats available, if you'd like to join, you should please write an email to subject: Spielmann.
First come – first serve.

As far as the organization of the conference is concerned, we installed a new button on the website, you can let us know all about your food preferences via
The survey is anonymous and helps us organizing the catering during the conference as well as the conference dinner.

03.06.2022 Free Town Hall reception registration

Dear All,

today we ask you to register for our free town hall reception to kick off the Conference on Wednesday, 21st September (around 7pm, exact time follows).

Drinks will be provided, please let us know, if you plan to attend the event by filling out your name and email in the form provided:

We will have the opportunity to chat and enjoy drinks together in one of the town halls beautiful ballrooms (check our insta feed for an impression ;))

There are a lot of nice places to grab something to eat after the reception, we will list a few on our website before the conference.

Please note: The town hall (Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz 1) and the conference venue (Department of theatre - film and media studies, UZA II, Rotunde Josef-Holaubek-Platz 2) are connected trough tram line D which stops in front of both venues (15.min ride) that means you can easily drop by the university before the event and pick up your registration documents for the conference and then drive straight on to the town hall.

27.05.2022 registration deadline

Dear all,
We are very pleased that the first participants have already registered for the conference and that there is so much interest in the conference dinner.

We are already looking forward to a relaxing evening with you!
Please remember: Registration for the Conference is open till 1st September.

We will soon start registration for the free reception in the town hall and will inform you as soon as it starts.
We wish you a nice weekend and all the best from sunny Vienna,

13.05.2022 Registration is open- please read carefully

Dear All,

we are happy to let you know that we started the registration process

You can choose between paypal oder credit card transfer to pay the
conference fees (the eps and sofort buttons in grey are not active).
You can choose between 4 Types of registration:
1. Standard € 95.-
2. Student € 65.-
3. Standard + Dinner € 131.-
4. Student + Dinner € 101.-
Please select your preferred option in the drop down menu.
We will send out seperate registration links soon for the free town hall
reception on september 21st as well as for the lecture at the

06.05.2022 Dinner at Heuriger september 23rd

Dear All,

today we are happy to inform you we have found the perfect spot for our Conference Dinner in September:
Heuriger Schübel Auer in the 19th district not only offers a beautiful garden and traditional Austrian delicacies but also a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, which is quiet unusual for a Viennese Heuriger.
There will be a buffet from which you can choose. We are negotiating a set price for it.
Beverages will be paid separately. All infos about registration and payment for the conference and the dinner will be given soon.

In the meantime you can take a look at the beautiful venue here:

We can't wait to spend a cozy late summer evening with you there!

29.04.2022 second round table discussion info

Today, we are very happy to share with you the topic and participants of the 2nd round table discussion:

Diversity: Among Screenwriters – Within Screenplays

Taking up the theme of the conference, this round table will discuss ways to get to more diversity and gender justice among screenwriters, but also within screenplays.

The following screenwriters and scholars will share their experiences and discuss their positions:

Rose Ferrell, screenwriter, independent researcher, lecturer at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

Nina Kusturica, screenwriter, director, producer

Arash T. Riahi, screenwriter, director, producer

Elefteria Thanouli, University of Thessaloniki, president of Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Chair: Asja Makarevic, Filmakademie

Please note, a preliminary program is already online but keeps changing constantly as we have to make adjustments, so keep checking.

Also, registration starts soon, we'll inform you as soon as everything is set up on the website!

08.04.2022 first round table talk Info

Dear all,
we are very exited to announce the first of two round table discussions during the SRN Conference, titled:

The State and Future of Screenwriting Studies and the Screenwriting Research Network

As a follow up to the round table discussion during last year's seminar series, there will be a discussion about the present state and the possible future of screenwriting studies and the SRN.

The participants of the discussion mostly differ from last year's to add new voices and positions.
We are sure that the discussion will be as lively and interesting as the last one that can be read in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Screenwriting.

This year's panel participants are:

Craig Batty, Editor of Journal of Screenwriting
Margret McVeigh, Chair person SRN
Paolo Russo, former Chair, organizer of last year's seminar series
Ann Igelstrom, script consultant, former member of the EC,
Rosanne Welch, organizer of next year's conference, member of the EC

Chair: Claus Tieber, organizer of Vienna conference, former chair

Info regarding the second round table following soon, so stay tuned,

All the Best, Claus & Stephanie

17.03.2022 social program Info

Dear All,

this week we'd like to provide you with some Info regarding the social programme during the Conference:

On Wednesday, 21st September in the evening we host a reception with drinks for all participants in the Vienna Town Hall, this event is free and you are all very welcome to join us!
There will be a registration at a later time, just so we know how many of you we can expect and plan accordingly

On Friday, 23rd September we will have a Conference Dinner at a Heuriger (this will most likely be in form of a buffet and not a traditional dinner).
Participants of the dinner will have to pay for themselfes for food and drinks (we are planing on negotiating a flat rate with the Heuriger).

We are still looking for the perfect spot in the Viennese vineyards to hold the dinner and will inform you about the costs and the registration process asap.

For now, enjoy the weekend and best regards from Vienna,

Claus & Stephanie

15.03.2022 registration Info

Dear all,

We wanted to give you an update regarding the registration for the Conference:

We are working on the technical details and let you know via mail und social media, as soon as everything is set up.

The fees will be at most € 100.- but most likely under € 100.-.
We will keep the fee low and for this reasen we will not have an early bird registration but same price for all, till the end of the registration period (more info on this later).

Have a good week and all the best from Vienna,

Claus & Stephanie

25.02.2022 special offers for flight/ accommodation

Dear all,

We hope you are all in the mood for the weekend, before it starts we'd like to give you some good news regarding accommodation and flights in/to Vienna:

The Lufthansa Group provided us with an event code for reduced faires for flights with their airlines, more info and the code here:

You also find special rate offers for Hotels, provided by the University here:

Check it out and we can't wait to meet you in person!

All the best,
Claus & Stephanie

11.02.2022 Preliminary Program Online

Dear all,

we are very happy to inform you that a preliminary program for the Conference is now online!

You can find a first draft for the 27 Panels at our website:

Please note that changes will be almost certain and this is an overwiev to get a first glimpse of what to expect.

Please let us know, if we misspelled your name or the title of your paper if you discover an error!

We will also add all the abstracts and bios in the following weeks and inform you as soon as everything is online.

For now, enjoy browsing the panels and your weekend!

All the best,
Claus & Stephanie

04.02.2022 2nd Keynote Announcement

Dear all,

it's friday again and before you start your weekend we are very excited
to announce our 2nd Keynote for the SRN 2022 Conference:

Emeritus Professor Dina Iordanova, from St. Andrews University will join
us in Vienna!

She is St Andrews first chair in film studies and is a highly
accomplished researcher who has published extensively on transnational

You can find more info about Professor Iordanova on her personal

and here:

Enjoy your weekend, you will hear from us again, soon.

All the best,

Claus & Stephanie

21.01.2022 Timeframe and Website News

Dear all,

You should all have received an email about the acceptance status of your paper by now.
If you have not received any information, please contact us.

We are working with great motivation on the program and hope to be able to give you an update soon.

In the meantime, we are pleased to share some info with you regarding the timeframe of the Conference.

On september 21st (the evening before the offical Conference start) we invite you to a free reception in the Vienna town hall, the perfect opportunity to ring in the conference and to meet each other(again). We will ask you to register for this event at a later time.

We`ll kick off the Conference on Thursday 22nd September at 10:00 am, with the opportunity to register and check in from 08:30 am on.

We plan to close the Conference on Saturday 24th September at around 02:30 pm.

We added the Button "Covid Travel" to the Conference Website with a link to the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where you find up to date Info regarding the entry regulations to Austria.

Please also check out the "Accommodation" Button on the Website where we provide special rate offers close to the Conference Venue.

After this amount of information we wish you a nice weekend and we'll be back with more Conference news soon.

Best regards,

Claus & Stephanie

12.01.2022 First Keynote Announcement

Dear All,

first of all, we hope you started the new year well, we wish you all the best for 2022!

We are very proud to announce our first Keynote Speaker:

Professor Eleftheria Thanouli from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will join us in Vienna!

She is an expert in post-classical narration in international cinema, her publications include, among others, Post-Classical Cinema: an International Poetics of Film Narration (London: Wallflower Press, 2009)

More about Prof. Thanouli and her work, here:

We hope that this good news has increased your anticipation for the conference and ask for a little more patience regarding your acceptance status, you will receive a personal mail with the information by the end of january.

We are still reading your numerous abstracts and preparing the programm for the Conference and will get back to you with more Information on that, soon.

Best regards,

Claus & Stephanie

There is already a website for the conference, it is still under
construction and will be expanded continuously, check it out

Please also check and follow our social media sites, where we will
also provide you with news and updates:

21.12.2021 Thank you and update

Dear all,

thank you very much for your submissions for the SRN Conference 2022!

We will sort the contributions and let you know by the end of January whether your paper has been accepted.

We kindly ask everyone who has submitted a paper without a short biography to send it to us till January 15th.

There is already a website for the conference, it is still under construction and will be expanded continuously, check it out

Please also check and follow our social media sites, where we will also provide you with news and updates:

We wish you Happy Holidays and all the best for 2022, we will get back to you in January with more details regarding the Conference.

Stay safe!

Claus & Stephanie